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Grades 6-8 | Esports Camp

Esports Camp is a six-day overnight program for Grades 6-8 deaf/hard of hearing children. 


Campers will take part in off-screen and on-screen activities focusing on skills such as team building, communication, leadership and critical thinking.

This engaging camp balances on-screen gameplay with physical challenges to help kids think critically about gaming while participating in physical, social and cognitive activities. Through a positive and supportive environment, campers will build healthy gaming habits while developing their skills around collaboration, trust and more.

Grade Levels: Grades 6-7-8

Dates:  Sunday-Friday, June 11-16, 2023

Hours:  Overnight (drop off Sunday afternoon, pick up Friday afternoon)

Location:  Texas School for the Deaf, Austin, TX

Host:  Statewide Outreach Center at TSD

Fee:  $300

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