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Grades 3-5 | Cooking Camp

Cooking Camp is a six-day overnight program for Grades 3-5 deaf/hard of hearing children. 


Campers will unleash their creativity through exploration of baking and cooking techniques with tasting opportunities, taught by world-class deaf chefs. One or more field trips will be offered.


Campers will also be encouraged to nurture their inner creativity. Every day, they’ll get to experience the science, art and tastiness of the food that they make themselves. At the end, they’ll bring home their very own cookbook.

Grade Levels: Grades 3-4-5

Dates:  Sunday-Friday, June 18-23, 2023

Hours:  Overnight (drop off Sunday afternoon, pick up Friday afternoon)

Location:  Texas School for the Deaf, Austin, TX

Host:  Statewide Outreach Center at TSD

Fee:  $300

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