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Grades 8-11 | College Test Prep

College Test Prep Camp is a one-week overnight program for Grades 8-11 deaf/hard of hearing teens and young adults. 

Educators of the deaf with ACT/SAT experience will provide intensive preparation in the areas of writing, math, and reading for both exams, and science for the ACT.

Participants will choose their preferred track (ACT or SAT) and be prepared to take the exam at a testing center at the end of the program. All will learn test taking skills – reducing anxiety and reading questions for greater accuracy.

It’s not all work; there will be some fun too. Recreational activities will be offered between test preparation sessions. After all, it takes rest and readiness to succeed!

Grade Levels: Grades 8-9-10

Dates:  Sunday-Saturday, June 4-10, 2023

Hours:  Overnight (drop off Sunday afternoon, pick up Saturday 12 noon)

Location:  Texas School for the Deaf, Austin, TX

Host:  Statewide Outreach Center at TSD

Fee:  $300

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